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Furniture Manufacturer

Our company produces furniture, doors, corian worktops and glass elements and their distribution to the Client. Satisfaction of our Contractors and the quality of offered products are our top priorities.

We gladly invite you to visit our website. We present both classic and modern solutions. Their common features are unique design, attention to detail and high quality of the components. All that makes the furniture perform not only utility function but also determine the unique character of the interior, as many of our satisfied Clients found out. We hope that you will join them.

We operate countrywide.



Everything begins here, just a phone or an e-mail with concept drawing, upon which the furniture will be made, is enough. If the Contactor does not have a ready investment project, we also provide support in this matter as we cooperate with professional architectural studios.


Is the next step after familiarizing with concept drawing, leading to offer a preliminary evaluation. We are fair company, our evaluations include total cost of furniture (with assembly and transport) that may vary up to 10%. If the client accepts preliminary evaluation, we proceed to the meeting on investment.


Plays a crucial role in our cooperation as we prepare front samples and corian patterns especially for you to underline high quality of our products. If the contract is signed during the meeting, the meeting itself is free of charge.


Mutual agreement regarding the sizes, materials and price results in signing a preliminary contract which obliges the client to pay 50% of total price within 7 days from the agreement. Then we start the production process.


After making a precise measurements which help us to perfectly fit the furniture to your needs and choosing optimal materials, we begin the production. Ready furniture are delivered directly to the client.


As we leave the places of our client, we leave them with the feeling of making the right decision and furniture which will serve for long years, as all our investments have two year warranty


Our furniture are made of materials of the highest quality, which combined with professional assembly ensures their long-term functioning. They are always accommodated to individual requirements and needs.
Even the best project is only the beginning and every Investor expects its perfect realization. The most important part of our work is to understand individual needs of the Investor and transfer them into timeless, considered and polished effect. Our offer is directed to the Clients that value extraordinary design and precision in the smallest detail of the order.
We invite you to meet us in our office where we can present our full offer, materials used to make our furniture, pictures of finished investments and the highest quality in every detail!

In our offer you will find veneered and lacquered furniture


Veneer is thin, wooden surface of different colors which gives the interior individual character and look, ennobling the furniture. However, veneered furniture are chosen by the clients not only for aesthetic reason but also because this material perfectly replaces often expensive wooden fronts.


Lacquered fronts are made with the highest quality lacquers, their surface is additionally polished which improves the prestige look of the furniture. Lacquered furniture are very resistant to moisture which makes them perfect for kitchen or bathroom.


Another element of our offer are glass fronts and linings that will decorate your place. They also find perfect use as kitchen or saloon fronts or for big closets. They fit perfectly as decorative wall linings in kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. The big advantage of glass fronts, aside from exceptional look, is resistance for scratches and easiness to keep them clean.

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Complement of our offer is the use of the best furniture fittings available on European market, that is why we use exclusively materials of Blum and Peka companies.



Modern furniture should match the individual preference, be practical, offer large usage space and depending on the interior and use perform its function and meet the requirements of its users.
Those are the main guidelines of Blum company, worldwide producer of furniture fittings. For many years they focus on everyday use of kitchens (not only), conducts research of needs in this area. During many observations of kitchen usage around the world, habits of its users were analyzed. This knowledge was the starting point to the development of the new products and ideas that aim to improve everyday kitchen work. Variety of materials, colors, heights and variances provides large flexibility in realization of clients ideas and wishes and guarantees large diversity potential for producers.

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Peka Company provides the best equipment for kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe furniture. Peka is an expert in food storage solutions, kitchen utensils and small household equipment. Fittings systems help to manage storage space in functional manner. Professional elements of equipment from tall and base pull-out cabinets, through intelligent solutions for corner cabinets, to practical waste segregation systems raise the comfort of work in kitchen. Peka movie

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